Stepmom Is Always So Helpful – S1:E6

Spencer Scott is just getting ready to take a shower when her stepson, Jay Romero, calls her. Grabbing her towel to wrap around her busty body. Jay tells Spencer that they’re going to be late, which flusters her to the point that she drops the towel to reveal her full frontal delight. Later, Spencer joins Jay on the couch to see what he’s up to. Her revealing shirt leaves nothing to the imagination, which prompts Jay to pop a boner. His stepmama calls him out on it, then leaves so he can take care of it.Although Spencer said she’d give Jay some space, she can’t seem to stay away. She can tell how big that hardon is, and she wants a piece of it. Returning while Jay is still beating his meat, Spencer pops her giant jugs out and offers to help. How can Jay say no? Soon enough that blowjob turns into so much more as it becomes clear that Spencer is offering a lot better than just some good suck.Climbing aboard Jay’s cock, Spencer sinks down in reverse cowgirl and rubs her clit as she gives the ride her all. Jay gets to enjoy a mouthful of his horny stepmommy’s boobies as he fucks her in spooning. Then Spencer rolls onto her back and goes wild as Jay continues to fill her with the D. She goes for it in doggy, with Jay squeezing that big ass as he satisfies them both. Rolling over one last time, Spencer puts her jugs together to give Jay a nice spot to aim his cum shot. Smiling, Spencer licks the tip clean as she deems Jay ready for his date.